“I don’t think I can be hypnotized.” – The fact is, hypnosis is an agreement between you and the hypnotherapist. It is your decision and intention to be hypnotized that determines whether or not you can, or cannot, be hypnotized. No one can be hypnotized against their will, and no one will accept suggestions under hypnosis that are contrary to their values and innermost intentions.
“Does it work?” – Hypnosis only can work if the person being hypnotized accepts the suggestions given by the hypnotherapist. As stated previously, if the person is not in agreement with the suggestions, his/her subconscious mind will override them.
“Does it last?” – This depends on a few things. First, did the person’s subconscious mind respond to the suggestions made; second, were the suggestions reinforced over time; and third, did the person believe that the changes brought about were worth keeping up?

I intentionally record my hypnosis sessions and tell clients to listen to the recording over a period of time, especially when they feel inclined to return to an old habit or behavior. Yes, hypnosis lasts, if you continue reinforcing it.
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