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I get this question a lot.  The answer is YES, hypnosis can help you quit and can make smoking cessation permanent; but, there are a few key things that are important for you to know.

Send me your questions/comments/concerns about hypnosis for quitting smoking, or any habits, and I’ll answer them for you.

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There are practitioners of hypnosis who claim to make people drop weight during a hypnosis session. I know of only one biological way to do that and it could get messy. Okay, so call me a skeptic. My standard answer to someone who asks, “Can hypnosis be used to lose weight?” is, “Of course, but you have to be willing to change your behaviors and commit to a healthy diet and exercise plan.”

My approach to weight loss is to counsel people on what causes weight gain, provide dietary information, devise an exercise plan, and then reinforce commitment to the plan through suggestions given under hypnosis. For all the claims on weight loss methods that require no change of diet and no exertion of energy (and there are many out there) all I can say is, the power of suggestion in advertising is amazingly strong and even the best of us can get sucked in.

If you’re serious about losing weight for health reasons, then do it sensibly. Talk to your physician, find a diet plan you can live with and enjoy, commit to an exercise routine, and use hypnosis to give you that extra “umph” to get you the results you want.

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