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Yes. Whether an object has been missing for years or just recently misplaced, hypnosis can help in finding it, provided it was lost by you in a place where it would not have been found and removed by someone else. Your subconscious mind, like a movie camera, keeps a record of all your actions, therefore accessing it through hypnosis can be most effective in finding lost objects.
When we lose things of importance to us, anxiety sets in. If you are deeply attached to the object, such as a lost wedding ring, there may be guilt and other emotions thrown in. The first step in hypnosis is to relieve the emotional overlay that may be preventing recall. Next, through hypnotic regression, you will be brought back to the day they lost the item and do a mental review of where you were and what you did the day the object was lost. For example, you may have stashed important documents in the back of the filing cabinet and forgotten about them for years. Going back to that day and remembering you were in the office at the filing cabinet when you last saw the papers leads you to later search the files thoroughly and find the elusive documents.
Another method is to do a “walk-through” where you go through all the rooms of the house, following the suggestion that once you are in the right room, you will automatically go to the spot where she last saw the object and remember where you put it.
Again, hypnosis can be very effective in cases where an object was not stolen or removed from where it was past put.

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